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Translation and Interpretation Services

Document Translation

Notary Documents: Power of Attorney, Articles of Association, Written Undertaking, List of Authorised Signatures etc,

Consulate and visa documents,

Official Documents for marriage, birth, death etc,

 Legal Documents: Court decrees, Legal Communications etc,

 Official Documents: Passport, ID, driving licence, birth certificate, marriage certificate…etc

Commercial Documents: Import&Export documents, customs documents, invoices, balance sheets etc,

Texts: Literature, medicine, law, chemistry, economy, accounting, agriculture, biology, dentistry, art history, history, manuals on every subject, catalogues, brochures, hotel information pages, menus and web pages etc,

Translation of any text or document.

*Upon your request, we can have your documents certified by Notary.


Verbal Translation

At Notaries,

Land Registers



Business Meetings and Gatherings

Authorized translation services


— What is an authorised translation? 

An authorised translation is fulfilled by a sworn translator who has 4 years of University education in a language department and has the technical and academic knowledge related to the translation. The translator certifies the document by stamping with an ‘authorised translator’ stamp. If needed, the notary and then the governor’s office can certify the document.

—What is an office certified translation?

It means that the translation office certify the document via the sworn translator stamp and company seal. It is valid at various private and public organs, consulates, universities and other related organisations. It is not necessary to have a certification for the translation for information purposes. However, it is useful for you to ask the related office for the certification form of the document (if they request notarised or translation office certified documents).

—What is a notary certified translation

Following the translation of the document; it is taken to the related notary that retains  translator’s diploma and translator certificate of oath for certification. In addition to the translation fee a notary certification fee has to be paid.

- What is an Apostille? ( Apostille)

Apostille is a certification system based on the agreement concluded between some countries in 1961, in Hague in Holland and it enables the document to be recognized officially in another country. It is stamped in Turkey by the district governor or governor’s office free of charge.

For Apostille in Turkey, first the translation of the document is notarized and then certified by the district governor or governor’s office in the same city. If your country is not a part of Hague convention, you can get the document certified in the Foreign Affairs department of the related consulates.

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Consultancy Services

We provide consulting services for foreigners in Antalya, Turkey.






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