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Babel Language School

We offer these courses in Antalya, Turkey: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian language courses, Turkish for foreigners, Business English, Courses for spouses of foreigners (English, German, French), private or group classes, Turkish for expats/foreigners, Turkish class, Turkish Course, student visa for Turkish...


About the school

Our school is located in city centre of Antalya and is accessible by car, bus, or you can walk. It is on the third floor and has a great view of the city. We use all kind of technology in the classroom. We have ADSL wireless connection and very fast internet download and upload speed. The teachers are specialised in their areas and have experience in teaching. The class includes 1-10 students. The classroom has a computer and air conditioner. At the end of the course, the students are given certificates.


About the Turkish Language course

On the first day, there is a welcoming meeting and then the students are divided into groups according to their level. We have beginner, elementary and intermediate level courses. The course starts with a revision of the previous study, continues with grammar and writing exercises and lastly ends with speaking exercises. The students are from different countries of the world. The minimum student age limit for adult courses is 18. We also have summer school children groups.

Teaching method

Our teaching method is based on a united study of grammar, listening, writing and speaking including active class participation. When you are enrolled, you will get a syllabus of the course. In the beginner class, the language is English and Turkish. Mostly, the elementary and intermediate classes are conducted in Turkish. We provide an efficient course book and other study materials. The classes are organised to include daily conversations, grammar structures and speaking activities. The teachers are young and motivated to teach efficiently. They have at least an undergraduate university degree in education or language departments.

On the other hand in order to create more interest in Turkish language, we use history of Turkey, cultural aspects, internationally known songs in Turkish, poems and fairy tales etc.

For example at the end of the course the student memorizes a Turkish song and a poem.

Documents to send for enrolment

1-      a copy of your passport via e-mail

2-      enrolment form via e-mail

3-      Turkish language proficiency test for intermediate and advanced courses

4-      Tuition deposit (those who enrol our school via a local agent can pay the deposit to local agents)

5-      For bank transfers, please add 15 Euros more for bank fees to your tuition fee.

For the countries that do not need a visa for Turkey

Enrolment has to be finished at least 1 month before the course start date. Late enrolment is possible however we advise you to book as early as possible. Please remember that for short term courses you can get a tourist visa and study in our school.

For the countries that need a visa for Turkey

Turkish student visa, you should apply 2-3 months before the course start date. Please contact us for more info about the Turkish visa procedures.


Student visas and residence permits   

Visa requirements

You must obtain a Student Visa from the nearest Turkish Consulate in your area before you enter Turkey. You can not obtain a Student Visa after you arrive and tourist visa is not acceptable as a substitute. The students are recommended to apply for visa at least two months before the semester begins.

Exceptions are those who are legal dependents of someone in Turkey on a diplomatic visa or with a work visa. Students who come to Turkey without student visa will not be able to register as a student nor will get residence permits.

You need to present:

-Passport valid at least a year

-Completed visa application form taken from the Turkish Embassy  or Consulate

-Recent passport size photographs 

-Proof of their student status in their home country (Official paper taken from Registrar''s Office)

-The acceptance letter from Babel Language Centre

-Non-refundable processing fee

!!! When you receive your visa check to see that it is a "student visa".

Although a time limit will be stamped on your visa, the student visa will be valid as long as you are enrolled in school.

As visa regulations may change quite frequently, please contact the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country to obtain the most up-to-date and detailed information. 

Residence Permit

All international students in Turkey, regardless of status, must register with the Foreign National departments of the Police Headquarters in Canakkale within a month of the entering Turkey.

You will be provided with a residence permit (İkamet Belgesi) valid for the period of time you will be studying at BABEL as indicated on Student Visa. You should keep this document with you at all times.

Documentary requirements include school registration documents, five photographs, a copy of the passport with valid student visa. You can see the residence permits fees on the website below:

Application forms are available at http://www.iem.gov.tr/yabancilar/english.htm

You should also give a photocopy of the first seven pages of the Residence Permit to the International Relations Office as soon as you have it.

Working in Turkey- Work Permit

Foreign students do not have right to work legally in Turkey.

For More Information:







Mentored Tours: Antalya Museum Tour, Antalya City Tour, Duden Waterfall, Beach Tour, Cinema, Opera&Ballet, trekking, picnics etc. (transportation and entrance fees are not included).

Education Abroad Consulting

The countries that we send students: 

USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Malta, New Zealand, Cuba, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Portuguese, Morocco, China, Japan...

Our programs abroad are provided for: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish for foreigners etc.

Language education courses

University & Masters programs

Internship and related work programs

Summer schools for children and teenagers

Language education+work programs

Work and Travel

Certificate programs

Business English and other programs for professionals

TEFL, TESOL and similar courses for English Language Teachers

Courses for people +50 and else

Programs for families

* If you can please fill our abroad education form, we can send you the information and price details for the country you want to travel to.

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Türkischen Klassen, Türkisch Lektionen, Türkisch Kurs an Babel Language School inAntalya, Türkei, Türkische Sprachkurse für Ausländer, türkische Schulen für Frauen, Student Visa für türkische Sprache lernen Ausländer, Antalya Unterkunft, Gastfamilie,Zimmer zu vermieten, Zimmer für Erasmus-Studenten

Курс турэцкай мовы для іншаземцаў у Вавілоне Моўная школа ў Анталіі,Турцыя, турэцкі клас, турэцкі ўрокі, турэцкая школа для жанчын, студэнцкай візыдля навучання турэцкай мове замежнікаў, пражыванне ў Анталіі, сям'і, пакой уарэнду, пакоі для студэнтаў Erasmus

دورة اللغة التركية للأجانب في مدرسة اللغة بابل في أنطاليا ، تركيا، والطبقة التركية، والدروس التركية، والمدرسةالتركية للإناث، تأشيرة دخول الطلاب الأجانب للتعلم اللغة التركية، الإقامة في أنطاليا، والأسرة المضيفة، وغرفةللايجار ، وغرفة للطلاب ايراسموس

Antalya, Türkiyə, Türk sinif, Türk dərslər, qadınlar Türk məktəbi, Türk dili öyrənməəcnəbilər üçün Tələbə Visa, Antalya yerləşdirmə, aile, icarə üçün otaq, Erasmustələbələr üçün oda Babel Dil Məktəbində əcnəbilər üçün Türkçe dil kursu


Kursi gjuhën turke për të huajt në Shkollën Babel Gjuhësh në Antalia, Turqi, klasaturke, mësimet turke, shkolla turke për femrat, vizë studentore për të huajt gjuhën turke të mësuarit, Akomodimi në Antalia, familja Host, dhomë me qira, dhomë për studentët e Erasmus


Курс по турски език за чужденци в Бабел Language School в Анталия, Турция,турски клас, турски уроци, турско училище за жените, Visa студент заизучаването на турски език чужденци, Настаняване в Анталия, приемно семейство, стая под наем, стая за студенти по програма "Еразъм"


Tureckého jazyka pro cizince v jazykové škole Babel v Antalya, Turecko, turecké třídy, turecké hodiny, turecké školy pro ženy, studentské vízum pro cizince turecké jazykové vzdělávání, ubytování v Antalyi, hostitelské rodiny, prostor k pronájmu, místnost pro studenty programu Erasmus




Tyrkisk sprogkursus for udlændinge på Babel Language School i Antalya, Tyrkiet, tyrkisk klasse, tyrkisk lektioner, Tyrkisk skole for kvinder, Student Visa for tyrkiskesprog at lære udlændinge, Indkvartering i Antalya, Værtsfamilie, værelse til leje, plads til Erasmus-studerende


Türgi keele kursus välismaalased Babel keeltekool Antalya, Türgi, Türgi klass, Türgilugu, Türgi kooli naistel, Student Visa Türgi keeleõpet välismaalastele, MajutusAntalya, Host pere, ruumi rent, ruumi Erasmuse üliõpilased

Turks Taalcursus voor buitenlanders in Babel Language School in Antalya, Turkije,Turks klasse, Turkse les, Turkse school voor vrouwen, Student Visa voor Turkse taalte leren buitenlanders, Accommodatie in Antalya, Gastgezin, kamer te huur, ruimte voor Erasmus-studenten


واحد زبان ترکی برای خارجی ها در مدرسه زبان بابل در آنتالیا، ترکیه ، کلاس ترکی ، درس ترکیه، مدرسه ترکیهبرای زنان، ویزای دانشجویی برای ترکیه زبان خارجی یادگیری، اقامت در آنتالیا، خانواده میزبان، اتاق را برایاجاره اتاق برای دانشجویان اراسموس

Turkin kielen kurssi ulkomaalaisille Baabelissa Kielikoulu Antalyassa, Turkissa, turkkiluokka, turkki oppitunteja, turkki koulu naisilla, Student Visa turkkilaisten kielten oppimisen ulkomaalaisia​​, Majoitus Antalya, Isäntäperhe, Huoneita vuokrattavana,tilaa Erasmus-opiskelijat


Cours de langue turque pour les étrangers à l'école Langues Babel à Antalya, enTurquie, la classe turque, cours de turc, de l'école turque pour les femelles, visa d'étudiant pour les étrangers en langue turque d'apprentissage, les logements à Antalya, la famille d'accueil, chambre à louer, salle pour les étudiants Erasmus


თურქულიენის კურსი უცხოელებისათვის დროს ბაბელი ენის სკოლა ანტალია, თურქეთი, თურქული კლასის, თურქული გაკვეთილი, თურქული სკოლა ქალი,სტუდენტური ვიზა თურქულენაზე სწავლების უცხოელები, განსახლებისანტალია, მასპინძელი ოჯახის, ოთახი ქირავდება, ოთახი ერაზმუსსტუდენტები


Cúrsa Teanga Tuircis d'eachtrannaigh ag Scoil Teanga Babel i Antalya, an Tuirc,rang Tuircis, ceachtanna Tuircis, scoil Tuircis do mhná, Visa na Mac Léinnd'eachtrannaigh teanga a fhoghlaim Tuircis, Cóiríocht i Antalya, teaghlaigh Óstach, seomra ar cíos, seomra do mhic léinn Erasmus

קורס שפה טורקית לזרים בבית הספר שפה בבל באנטליה, טורקיה, מעמד טורקית, שיעוריםהטורקי, בית הספר הטורקית לנשים, ויזת סטודנט לזרים בשפה הטורקית למידה, לינה באנטליה,המשפחה המארחת, חדר להשכרה, חדר לסטודנטים ארסמוס


Curso de idioma turco para extranjeros en la Escuela de Idiomas Babel en Antalya, Turquía, Turquía clase, clases de turco, la escuela de Turquía para las hembras, visa de estudiante para los extranjeros aprender el idioma turco, los alojamientos en Antalya, Familia, habitación para alquilar, habitación para estudiantes Erasmus


Turkiska Språkkurs för utlänningar på Babel Language School i Antalya, Turkiet, turkiska klassen, turkiska lektioner, turkisk skola för kvinnlig, studentvisum för turkiskaspråkinlärning utlänningar, Boende i Antalya, Värdfamilj, rum att hyra, rum förErasmusstudenter


Corso di lingua turca per stranieri alla Scuola di Babele di lingue a Antalya, Turchia, classe turco, lezioni di turco, scuola turca per le femmine, visto per studenti per gli stranieri in lingua turca di apprendimento, gli alloggi a Antalya, in famiglia, camera in affitto, stanza per studenti Erasmus




Antalya, 터키, 터키어 클래스, 터키어 레슨, 암컷 터키 학교, 터키어 언어학습 외국인을위한 학생비자, Antalya의 숙박, 호스트 가족, 임대 방, Erasmus 학생 방에 바벨 언어 학교에서 외국인을위한 터키어 코스


Kurs języka tureckiego dla cudzoziemców w szkole Babel Język w Antalya, Turcja, turecki klasy, lekcje turecki, turecki szkoły dla kobiety, Visa Student w języku tureckimcudzoziemców nauki, zakwaterowanie w Antalya, u rodziny, pokój do wynajęcia, pokój dla studentów Erasmusa


Török nyelvtanfolyam külföldieknek a Bábel Nyelviskola: Antalya, Törökország, Törökosztály, Török órák, török ​​iskolában a nők, Student Visa török ​​nyelvtanulás külföldiek, Szállás Antalya, fogadó család, szoba kiadó, szoba Erasmus hallgatók


Tyrkisk språkkurs for utlendinger på Babel Language School i Antalya, Tyrkia, tyrkiskklasse, tyrkisk leksjoner, tyrkisk skole for kvinner, Student Visa for tyrkiskespråklæring utlendinger, Overnatting i Antalya, vertsfamilie, rom til leie, rom forErasmus-studenter

Curs de limba turcă pentru străini, la Scoala de Limba Babel în Antalya, Turcia, clasa de turci, lecţii de turcă, şcoală turcă pentru femei, Visa Student pentru straini limba turcă de învăţare, Cazare in Antalya, familia-gazdă, cameră de închiriat, camerăpentru studenţii Erasmus


Курс турецкого языка для иностранцев в Вавилоне Языковая школа в Анталии, Турция, турецкий класс, турецкий уроки, турецкая школа для женщин,студенческой визы для обучения турецкому языку иностранцев, проживание в Анталии, семье, комната в аренду, комнаты для студентов Erasmus

Tureckého jazyka pre cudzincov v jazykovej škole Babel v Antalya, Turecko, tureckétriedy, turecké hodiny, turecké školy pre ženy, študentské vízum pre cudzincov tureckéjazykové vzdelávanie, ubytovanie v Antalyi, hostiteľskej rodiny, priestor na prenájom,miestnosť pre študentov programu Erasmus


Курс турецької мови для іноземців у Вавилоні Мовна школа в Анталії, Туреччина, турецький клас, турецький уроки, турецька школа для жінок, студентської візи для навчання турецької мови іноземців, проживання в Анталії, сім'ї, кімната в оренду, кімнати для студентів Erasmus


Τουρκικής γλώσσας για ξένους στη Σχολή Γλωσσών Βαβέλ στην Αττάλεια της Τουρκίας, τουρκική τάξη, Τουρκικά μαθήματα Τουρκικά σχολείο για τα θηλυκά,φοιτητική βίζα για τους Τούρκους οι ξένοι την εκμάθηση γλωσσών, Διαμονή στην Αττάλεια, η οικογένεια υποδοχής, δωμάτιο προς ενοικίαση, αίθουσα για τους φοιτητές Erasmus

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The Story of the Tower of Babel

According to the biblical account, a united humanity of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating from the east, came to the land of Shinar, where they resolved to build a city with a tower "with its top in the heavens...lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the Earth." God came down to see what they did and said: "They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withholden from them which they purpose to do." So God said, "Come, let us go down and confound their speech." And so God scattered them upon the face of the Earth, and confused their languages, and they left off building the city, which was called Babel "because God there confounded the language of all the Earth."(Genesis 11:5-8). (Wikipedia).

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